Firewood Delivery

Kenneth Davis Tree Services provides clients with quality firewood which is all harvested from fallen or felled trees.
Since 1978, we have been providing the very best logs and kindling for open fires.
Our solid fuels are perfect for open fires, ranges, and stoves.
All our provided firewood is from mixed hardwood trees and as such burns at a high temperature for longer. Air dried, our wood gives a property a warm, rich ambient atmosphere.

We Buy Large Trees

If you have a large tree in your property that you want to get rid of, we may be interested in buying it for firewood.
Our large tree removal team can professionally and safely fell the tree, before cutting it into appropriately sized logs for open fires.
We then allow these logs to air dry until they are optimised for solid fuel burners including open fires, stoves and ranges.
We pay fair prices for all types of trees and if you are interested in a quote, please do get in contact with us.

Contact Us

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