Storm Damage Work

Kenneth Davis Tree Services provides our clients with a professional storm damage service that removes trees and branches that have become damaged due to a storm.
High winds can cause large trees to become unstable, and more likely to be pushed over. These storm-damaged trees can pose a serious risk to individuals, vehicles and buildings.
Due to their unstable nature, storm-damaged trees require specialist tree felling expertise.
With decades of experience and significant investment in heavy machinery, Kenneth Davis Tree Services has the experience, equipment and expertise to safely remove damaged trees from a property.
Our storm damage service includes tree felling, tree removal, branch removal and a full wood chipping service.

Organic Waste Removal

After a storm, a significant amount of waste organic material can populate a green area. This organic waste can include leaves, twigs, branches and even tree trunks in the case of a fallen tree.
Our team of experts are available to come to your property and removal all organic waste. We always dispose of organic waste responsibly and often times, fallen trees can be repurposed as firewood.
We can remove trees that may have fallen on a building or vehicle. We endeavour to remove all organic waste quickly so repairs to structures can begin.

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