Tree Surgery and Removal

Kenneth Davis Tree Services provides clients with a professional, efficient and cost-effective tree removal and tree surgery service. Our tree surgery involves the removal of overgrown branches in a service designed to improve the trees overall health. We can also shape the tree, improving its aesthetic look and shape.
Our tree removal service involves the removal of dangerous or unsteady trees.
Depending on where the dangerous tree is located we can perform sectional felling, which is the process of removing a tree piece by piece.
If enough space is available, we can cut down the entire tree in one. Our service also removes all organic waste and ensures this waste is disposed of safely.

Our Tree Surgery and Tree Removal Services

We customise our tree surgery and tree removal services to the unique specifications of the individual project.
Using the very latest heavy machinery and tree felling techniques we quickly and safely remove trees from gardens, roadsides, livestock fields and commercial green areas.
We can provide a full wood chipping service or can remove all sectional pieces of a felled tree.
No matter where the problem tree is located, you can be assured of a fast, safe and regulatory complaint tree removal and tree surgery service.

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